5 shows I actually binge-watched

I’m done with my exams! I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL. I have so much spare time, like seriously, I have nothing to do for three months. I’m working in this restaurant, which is awful by the way, untill 12 PM. So, what do I do besides reading? Uhu, watching stupid tv shows. And many of them. Untill 4 AM. Yup. Here are some shows I actually binge-watched.


1. Marvel’s Daredevil

Action, Crime Fiction, Superhero

giphySo let me tell you the story really quickly for those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what this show is about. Kid gets blind and gets special abilities (like amazing hearing and stuff). Kid becomes badass superhero once he gets older. This is such an amazing show, and I’m not just saying that, it really is. The fight scenes are the strongest point of the show. They’re SO GOOD and it looks SO REAL. There are currently two seasons so go check it out if you haven’t already.


2. Orphan Black

Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller, 

My worst subject in school is biology but this show makes it so interesting. giphy1This story follows Sarah who witnesses a suicide from someone who looks exactly like her. Sarah discovers that she wasn’t the only person who looked like her. There are more. Created clones. And now someone’s trying to kill them. Why is this show so good? It’s so realistic, it could’ve been based on a real story and people struggle with real life issues, except the fact that clones are being killed.


3. Jane the Virgin

Romantic, Comedy, Drama

So I was watching this show today and my mumanigif_original-grid-image-25259-1421428060-37 asked me what I was watching, so I told her what I was watching and she just stared at me. I mean, yeah, I would do the same. So the story: Jane, a 23-year-old girl who decided to remain a virgin until marriage, gets pregnant. Without having sex. It was… an accident?  She got inseminated by a specimen that was meant for a patient in the next room. Yup. Awesome show, great humour, much drama. If you’re too lazy to remember anything, then this is the perfect show for you!


4. The Legend of Korra

Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure

I know, I know. Korra is not Aang and no series will ever giphy3be as good as The Legend of Aang. But for me, this one came very close. I love Korra. She doesn’t get all the love she deserves. Don’t get me wrong, Aang was great but seriously, Korra is amazing as well. I loved all the characters and the story… Yaaasssss. It was dark, great fights, absolutely loved it. Give it a chance if you haven’t yet, and stop thinking about Aang. Yes we miss him, but Korra is better than you may think.


5. The Amazing Race

Reality television

Yes. I actually binge-watched The Amazing giphy2Race, and I’m not ashamed. I watched season
28 in two days and I loved it. And no, I didn’t just watch this because Tyler and Korey were in it. I also watched it because Zach and Rachel were in it. 11 teams who race around the world to win 1 million dollars. Once they reveal a task, they’ll get their next location.

What will you be binge-watching this week?



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