Book Review: Under Ground


Love is a fairy tale, a luxury not even the rich can afford.

Note: Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Under Ground by Alice Rachel. This story follows Thia, a girl who lives in a world where woman have no rights and men have all the power. Thia is forced to marry the cold and selfish William Fox to survive. She tries to accept her faith, until she meets someone. Chi. A young man that shows Thia how cruel the world really looks. He’s also part of the Underground. A rebellion that wants to change the world they live in.

giphy3I really liked this book. It gripped me and it actually blew me away. I went into this book without any expectations and the story really surprised me. I couldn’t stop reading and I was hooked until the end.

The writing style was great. It wasn’t hard to follow the story and although the storyline was kinda predictable, I still really liked it. It never bored me, there was always something interesting going on. The story building was perfect. Events that heppened in the past weren’t told all at once, but scattered troughout the book, which made it easier to
understand why the world is the way it is.

It was a light read, so it’s a great book to read giphy5to get
ut of a reading slump (which wa
exactly what  I needed when I started this book, so yay for me!). It also has some interesting characters, especially her mother. I’d love to learn more about her past and how she dealt with certain events. And ahhhh the romance. I really liked Chi and Thia together, but I do think it all happened too fast. Maybe it was love at first sight, but I felt like they were rushing everything.Though it is a typical ”forbidden love” relationship, it didn’t bother me to read that kind of a relationship again.

Anywaayy, great book, nice story and amazing characters. The rebellion kinda reminds me of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and the world reminds me of Wither by Lauren Destefano. If you like dystopian and romance, then you should check this book out. This book deserves so much more recognition than it has and I can’t wait to read book 2.


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