How to get out of a Reading Slump.

I’ve been away for a few weeks and I want to apology for that, I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t been reading that much lately. My exams are almost here and I couldn’t get out of this awful Reading Slump. However, I did it. I’m trying to catch up with my Reading Challenge again and thought I could give you some useful tips for getting out of a Reading Slump.


1. Do not force yourself to read a book

This is the most important rule when you want to escape the awful Reading Slump. Do not force yourself. It’ll only make things worse. If you forcelf yourself into reading a book, you won’t have fun reading it. Try to make time for it instead. Stop with what you’re doing and sit down for a few hours. Make some tea and get comfortable.


2. Do not read heavy books

No matter how much you like those books by George giphyR.R. Martin, sometimes you need a break. A High Fantasy book can be amazing, but when you’re in a Reading Slump it can be hard to focus on these kinds of books. Try reading a Contemporary instead. You can fly through those pages and it can be fun too, even if you’re not really into that genre.


3. Read Graphic Novels

Maybe you like books without pictures better, but I assure you, there are some amazing Graphic Novels out there. If you like Twilight, why not try the Graphic Novel? It’s easy to read and beautiful to look at.


giphy14. Read in a quiet place

I often listen to music while reading, but it can be very distracting sometimes. I can’t focus on the words and read the same sentence over and over again. Try to find a quiet place, maybe your room or your local library. If you really want to listen to some music, give some classical music a try. Soundtracks can be helpful too. I always listen to Star Wars. Also: turn off your phone.


5. Try something completely new

Maybe your favourite genre is horror, or you really like Fantasy. Why not try a different genre? Something you’ve never read before? If you’re into Fantasy, try a thriller. If you’re into contemporary, why not try a Paranormal book? Trying something new can be exciting and can open a completely different world for you.

I hope these 5 tips will help you to get out of your Reading Slump. How do you get out of a Reading Slump? And how do you avoid it?


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